Bridge Creek Outfitters 

Bridge Creek Outfitters is a premiere hunting destination for the serious whitetail hunter. We offer an exceptional semi-guided hunting experience on over 4,000 acres in Northeast Missouri. Quality deer management on our property is no longer a practice, but a lifestyle. We strive to provide hunters with a trophy whitetail experience that is second to none. 
Bridge Creek Outfitters was founded on our passion for sharing the exceptional hunting experience that we have enjoyed here in Northeast Missouri our entire lives. We have devoted our time and attention to managing a healthy herd through a number of quality management best practices. Each year we enhance our management portfolio with new food plots, strategic woodland management, sophisticated game monitoring and property cycling. Our efforts have resulted in an exponential increase in harvesting large, mature bucks!
We offer a number of hunting opportunities for whitetail deer and turkey on over 4,000 acres in Northeast Missouri. Our property currently spans across Knox and Scotland counties. We have had the luxury of owning or leasing our property under extended contracts which gives us the flexibility and ability to manage each herd according to the properties layout and holding capacity. 
Turkey hunts on our selected properties must be experienced to be believed. A consistent number of mature gobblers gives hunters countless opportunities at harvesting multiple birds. The layout of our property gives hunters the flexibility of hunting with any method they choose. 
Our property management practices have been fine tuned through years of experience and testing. Proper soil tests and strategic plantings have given us the ability to extend our reach of attracting deer from well beyond our property boundaries. Recent years have resulting in attracting mature bucks during the harsh winter months and giving them the proper nutrition and cover to comfortably make Bridge Creek properties their new home. 
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